Pre Configured Private Cloud platform on OpenStack for Compute, Network & Storage
  • Initial set up with one server that can scale up or down on demand
  • Integrated with Hadoop in a Single Compute Box
  • Add resources as and when needed
  • No more installations on individual servers
  • Shopping Cart like experience when customizing the Box
  • Open Source Cloud Solution especially crafted for Educational Institutions at a price they can afford
  • PDCloudEX makes the integration easy with Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud. It makes deployment faster and cheaper. Make onetime investment on hardware, and then Scale up/down the environment based on Workload and Demand

    High Level Architecture Diagram

    High Level Architecture Diagram

    PDCloudEX makes the integration easy with Private, Public and Hybrid  Cloud and makes the deployment Faster with  reliable processes

    It helps you to cut down the rates on Development and Operation and is available at an affordable price especially for academic institutions

    It also provides the best class service like stability in Delivery and Security using DevOps

    PDCloudEX can benefit you by providing a onetime investment on hardware, scaling up the environment based on the organization requirement, use tools to access both private and public cloud and can distribute the compute load as needed.

    Prodevans Technologies

    Our Model

    A Hybrid Cloud is a combination of a Public and Private Cloud that interoperates. In this model users typically outsource non-business critical information and processing to the Public Cloud, while keeping business-critical services and data in their control

    Simply put, Cloud computing is the delivery of Computing Services—Servers, Storage, Databases, Networking, Software, Analytics and more—Over the Internet (“The Cloud”). Companies offering these computing services are called Cloud Providers and typically charge for Cloud Computing services based on usage, similar to how you are billed for water or electricity at home.


    Support Service

    On Site Service
    Our experts provide support across geographies. We manage complex IaaS, PaaS & Cloud implementations through virtual and onsite resources.
    On Call Support
    Our Red Hat Certified Professionals are available round the clock – 24/7 to support your Infrastructure
    On Business Services
    As Strategic Advisers we understand your complexities, analyze your challenges and help you overcome them with cost-effective solutions.

    Our Support

                                       PDCloudEx is not one-size-fits-all. We tailor your Support program to meet your needs.

    Standard Support
    Basic support for non-critical implementations Standard Support is the most basic of the Informatica cloud Support packages.
    Premier Support
    Tailored for small to medium enterprises Premier Support provides 24×5 P1 Support with unlimited access to our support staff for all assisted support needs, significantly mitigating risks against outages.
    Enterprise Support
    Proactive services that surpass conventional Tailored for medium to large enterprises, this program provides 24×7 access to our support staff globally for P1 issues, significantly mitigating against costly downtime.
    Mission-Critical Support
    Recommended for large enterprises with complex Mission Critical support is aimed at customers with multiple projects in a pure cloud and hybrid environment where latency and performance are key factors to the success of a project.