Frequently Asked Questions


What is Hyperconvergence ? What is PRODEVANS role play in this ?

Hyperconvergence is an approach to coalesce multiple IT Infrastructure functionalities into a appliance form factor. NFV is an approach to run network services in a virtualized platform. PRODEVANS is a front runner firm which builds products and solutions to optimize IT Infrastructure around Hyperconvergence, Network Function Virtualization and Private Cloud that reaps best benefits to customers.

Tell me about the Compute Services in PDCloudEX

PDCLOUDEX HCA runs Compute workloads as Virtual Machines on top of Hypervisor layer. The underlying hardware architecture is x64 / x86, which supports all Server and Client Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, FreeBSD. Customers can run business critical solutions like ERP, CRM, Live Media Playout, Internet of Things, Core Banking 24 x 7 on PDCLOUDEX. Besides, pre-built virtual appliances like load balancer, traffic manager, network gateway, security appliance, replication engine, wan optimizer, cloud gateway run on PDCLOUDEX..

Is there a Storage Service on PDCloudEX?

PDCLOUDEX has in built Storage engine that runs IP SAN (Storage Area Network), NAS (Network Attached Storage) and automated replication engine. Block Storage access via iSCSI and File Services via FTP, CIFS, SMB, NFS meets all standard storage needs. Integration of CEPH and DRBD protocols right into the Hypervisor helps to build highly available storage services across hosts. Right balance of SSD and HDD creates optimal storage solution, which serves live data storage, backup and archive purposes..

How are Network Services handled in PDCloudEX?

PDCLOUDEX has integrated network services engine which does L3 Routing and L2 switching functionalities. All industry standard protocols that are used in Telecom Service Providers and Enterprise class network infrastructure are supported. Switching functionalities allow Physical-to-Virtual and Virtual-to-Virtual traffic flow. Routing functionalities allow LAN-to-WAN traffic flow. All traffic flow is controlled by inbuilt customized security policies.

What about WAN terminations ?

PDCLOUDEX ‘s hardware has Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet network ports that receives WAN terminations like Internet, Private Leased Circuits. Stacbloc’s routing engine runs all standard network routing protocols like BGP, OSPF, RIP, PBR, VRRP etc. Stacbloc can be deployed as core or edge router and avoids need of physical router..

What are the network security features that PDCLOUDEX provides ?

PDCLOUDEX has inbuilt network security features like Stateful firewall, NAT, Proxy, VPN, Web filtering, Geo IP filtering, Blacklisting, DNSBL, IDS IPS etc. Security engine allows to create policies to permit inter VM traffic flow.

Any network security features on PDCloudEX ?

PDCLOUDEX has inbuilt network security features like Stateful firewall, NAT, Proxy, VPN, Web filtering, Geo IP filtering, Blacklisting, DNSBL, IDS IPS etc. Security engine allows to create policies to permit inter VM traffic flow..

Can commonly used workloads run on PDCloudEX?

PDCloudEX is built on standard x64 hardware architecture, thus it is compatible to run Windows workloads, Linux workloads, Web workloads, Microsoft applications, Databases, ERP, CRM, Big Data, Business Intelligence applications, Java applications, Graphics applications etc. Most of the fore said workloads are being used by customers sans any technical glitch..

Any technology lock-ins ?

PDCLOUDEX is built on Industry standard architecture, common framework of COTS hardware, Linux OS with custom developed application and re engineered Open Source packages that are openly available in market. Thus customer is not chained to any technology lock in.

How can i test PDCloudEX before I buy ?

Yes, customer can test functionality, compatibility, performance of PDCLOUDEX before their purchase. PRODEVANS Engineering team will be happy to do a PoC for right sizing, customizing to match the needs.

Deployment & Support

Any licensing issues?

PDCLOUDEX comes with a perpetual license, thus does not require any license renewal.

Does customer need any specialized training to operate PDCLOUDEX ?

All the operations of PDCLOUDEX HCA can be done through clicks on web GUI. It not require a steep learning curve. From a technical standpoint, people with broad knowledge on IT infrastructure could easily operate and manage with minimal training. PDCloudEX is a pre integrated, pre tested appliance that generally does not require any ongoing maintenance once configured. Moreover, the technical support centre and managed services offering from PRODEVANS greatly simplifies the operations.

What is this service offering ?

When a customer subscribes to managed services, the entire operation and maintenance of PDCloudEX is handled by ITIL certified PRODEVANS Engineers. Configuration management, change management, periodic performance review and regular support services would be provided. Customers can then l focus on IT innovations rather than IT operations.

What about installation and commissioning ?

Staff of Engineering team at PRODEVANS would install and commission PDCLOUDEX, from rack mounting to services going live. The necessary infrastructure configurations in terms of VM creation, compute, turning on storage with necessary sizes and rights, network configuration to create traffic flow and configuring security rules inlines with the policies needed would be done on-site. All that are part of infrastructure readiness will be tested, validated on-site and will be handed over to customer and support NOC.

Any installation requirements from the customer end ?

Generic infrastructure readiness in terms of space, power, cooling, cabling are expected to be provided by the customer. Deployment details in terms of VM resources, IP addresses, storage spaces, user rights shall be provided by customer. Beyond which, the scope rests with PRODEVANS authorized field engineer.

What is the line of demarc for implementation and support services ?

PRODEVANS engineering team will implement and support entire IT infrastructure portion with respect to PDCloudEX, however the virtual machines in compute engine shall be under the purview of customer.

What is the Support Model for PDCloudEX?

Customer support is handled via remote and on-site. Customer could raise trouble tickets via e-mail (, web ( or voice (+912233192010). Support Engineers would help in getting the technical problems sorted out. Field engineers would visit the customer site for fixing any issues that couldn’t be solved remotely.Managed services option is provided to customer, wherein PRODEVANS engineering team will take care of one time installation, on-going configuration changes, periodic health check, operation & management and support services.

What are the support window of operation ?

PRODEVANS support is of two types – Standard support and Premium support.
Standard support operates 9 x 6 (0930 Hrs to 0630 Hrs IST), excluding Sundays and National Holidays.
Premium support operates 24 x 7..

Any warranty?

PDCloudEX comes with Three year warranty for the hardware. First year support services is bundled with the appliance purchase. Customer shall subscribe for Annual Maintenance Contract from Year 2 onwards. AMC enables ongoing facilitation of support services, critical software upgrades and security patch updates.

Does PDCloudEX need upgrades?

Upgrades for PDcloudEX Hypervisor and associated software is part of on going support actvity. Upgrades for the hardware resources shall be raised by customer to the support team, whom will revert on the upgrade paths based on the scalability of the specific appliance. Generally hardware upgrades are done within week or two.

Can i trouble shoot myself? Any documentation?

Post deployment of PDCloudEX, support team shall provide Installation Completion Report, which details the technical deployment information. Knowledge articles around the operation, configuration, DOs and DONTs are provided by support team to customer on need basis.

Hardware Choice? Bring Your Own Hardware (BYOH)

Customers can easily deploy PDCloudEX on supported models of pre-existing hardware and convert it into a self-service cloud in just a Day. Review specific details here.

Partner Delivered Hyper-converged Hardware

Customers can utilize validated models of Lenovo, Dell, HPE, Cisco UCS and SuperMicro hardware from their preferred VAR or Managed Services Provider (MSP). For specific details contact us.

External Storage Support

Customers can also utilize external storage arrays from most storage vendors including EMC (VMAX, VNX), NetApp, Nimble Storage, Nexenta, Pure Storage, SolidFire and others.