PDCloudEX SDN - One Stop Virtualization Platform

PDCloudEx SDN is a software-defined networking solution which provides an intra-datacenter connectivity for virtual and physical workloads on the cloud. Built on OpenDayLight, OpenVSwitch and Openstack, the product provides a disaggregation for both software and hardware components in a network, while providing full control over the virtual networks. 

It also comes with a base controller platform for everything SDN and supports multiple protocols. 

Our technology enables full network virtualization and allows enterprises, data centers and service providers to easily deploy, control, monitor and manage secure multi-tenant network infrastructure. In other words, it is a comprehensive solution that makes the network as readily consumable as compute resources across the datacenter, enterprise WAN and public cloud providers. 

It does so by providing the missing link to ensure rapid and efficient delivery of highly customizable application services, in and across multi-tenanted data centers.The product also takes advantage of OpenStack, allowing PDCloudEx SDN to look deep into the aspects for next-generation real-time analytics, security and remediation.

What Does The Product Provide?

Why Choose PDCloudEx SDN?

Here is a list of features that makes PDCloudEx SDN a unique virtualization platform.


The platform provides visualisation of Network Topology and Network statistics along with the overlay components in the Datacenter.

2.Multiple Protocol Support

Theplatform is flexible enough to support a wide range of protocols like OpenFlow, OVSDB, NETCONF, BGP, PCEP, LISP, SNMP


Integrations like third party applications which leverage Northbound APIs and Integrates with the help of private cloud management platforms like Openstack is made possible.

4.Support for REST API 

 APIs available for third party integrations 

 Features bidirectional Northbound APIs

5.Cloud Networking and Security  

  The following aspects are taken care of:

i) Provides security and isolation

           ii) Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) 

           iii) Services Scalable and stable in performance 

           iv) Boats routing capabilities and high-performance virtual switching

            v) Provides multi-tenancy and control over the security policies for the virtual networks 

6.Service Function chaining 

Achievers Network Slicing by providing Chaining logic and APIs for provisioning service chains in the network and end-user application.


Provides Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure along with resilience  

8.On-Demand Customization 

Based on business policies, the dynamic policy-driven, software-controlled service chain customization is achieved  

9.High Availability  

In case of crashes and failures, data persistence and the High availability of PDCloudEx SDN controller is ensured without compromising running services and performance.

 The software architecture handles failures gracefully, providing anytime availability for operating, activating, and managing your applications and network configurations.


Key Benefits


Ability to ramp-up/ramp-down SDN Controllers; thus efficiently managing and distributing work-loads  


Automated virtual network resource provisioning, configuration, and operation of networking and security resources minimizes manual intervention while improving operational efficiency and cutting operational costs.


Provides security and isolation by decoupling control and forward planes and enabling the AAA services


Solution for cloud and NFV environments to improve business flexibility and enhances security, availability and performance 

User Friendly

Ease of operations and easy to understand UI which improves operational efficiency