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Prodevans Technologies is the leading provider in OpenStack training courses and is helping you adopt and use OpenStack for a variety of use cases and scenarios.

Our OpenStack courses cover pure 100% vanilla OpenStack, no vendor-specific subjects, secret sauce, vendor versions, hidden agendas, and/or proprietary implementations. Unlike our competitors, there is nothing we teach in these courses that would apply to a specific distribution.

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About this Event

After completing this course, you should be able to demonstrate the skills to establish a new Open stack administration , perform initial configuration and manage on a day-to-day basis. One major focus of the course is troubleshooting common problems that will be encountered beyond day one.

Red Hat OpenStack Administration I

Outline for this course

  1. Introduction to Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  2. Manage application projects in a multitenant cloud
  3. Manage OpenStack networking
  4. Configure resources to launch a non-public instance
  5. Configure virtual machine system disks
  6. Provide additional storage strategies
  7. Configure resources to launch an instance with public access
  8. Automate customized cloud application launches.
  9. Manage cloud application placement

Red Hat OpenStack Administration II

Outline for this course

  1. Navigate the Red Hat OpenStack Platform architecture
  2. Describe the OpenStack control plane
  3. Integrate identity management
  4. Perform image operations
  5. Manage storage
  6. Manage OpenStack networking
  7. Manage to compute resources.
  8. Automate cloud applications
  9. Troubleshoot OpenStack operations
  10. Build a custom image and launch an instance using the custom image