An Educational Institute wanted to transform there existing lab infrastructure into Cloud Computing that delivers tools and technologies as services.

They wanted ‘On demand’ Self Provisioned computing resources for projects, research and development activities.They also wanted to leverage the cloud set up for academic Projects at a price they can afford!


Traditional infrastructure used by the Institute were expensive and difficult to maintain.

Physical machines used in their Labs were only available within the Campus premises, not outside. Physical Infrastructure needed to be rebuilt every single time there were changes caused by various R&D activities.

Previously even after paying for the Labs, Students couldn’t use them due to resource crunch and timing obligations. Now they can do their Labs anytime and from anywhere.


Cloud-based IT infrastructure using the Prodevans proprietary PDCloudEx was deployed on the Campus. PDCloudEx is built on Red Hat OpenStack-the IaaS platform from Redhat, a world leader in OpenSource Technologies.

This allows the students/staff the opportunity to work with Cloud technologies in real time and have a pleasant experience.


Prodevans devised a solution -PDCloudEX, that overcame all the above challenges of the Educational Institute.PDCloudEx empowered the institute with the agility needed to adapt to a rapidly evolving landscape.

Students can now complete their activities from anywhere, anytime and any device. The Institute is now able to scale the Lab resources up and down to match the needs of the students on the go.


The institute is now provisioning Labs using Self Service portal. With on-demand usage of resources, there is now a saving of cost and time.

Students are now storing their documents in DMS-Document Management System (facility built up on a VM using OpenStack).

Students are now able to log into the Lab machines anytime from anywhere.