Why PDCloudEX ?

    Faster Time to Market

      Automated rapid provisioning with faster lifecycle management, Self Service Operation & Support. Deploy often & faster with repeatable,reliable processes.

    Best in Class Service

      Consistent quality. Standardization of Processes. Stability in Delivery. Automated Policy Governance, Security using DevOps.

    Cost reduction

      Process simplification with automation. Enhanced platform utilization. Saving on software licenses. Reduced spending on Development & Operations.

    Cutting Edge Technology

      Preloaded with latest technology offerings. Highly Customizable & Scalable. Makes Applications Industry Ready.

    Why are we talking PDCloudEx?

    Key Benefits

    Ease Of Management

    Live Virtual Machine management to resize, run, reboot
    and terminate instances


    Distributed asynchronous architecture fo High Availability (HA)


    Provision and deploy virtualized resources rapidly and once
    deployed, adjust as needed


    Reduced Total Cost of Ownership and tighter IT
    spend control with Template based deployment.

    Access to Environments

    Quota based capacity, resource utilization with
    predictable projections

    Accelerated Provisioning

    Template based faster provisioning with Glance
    image services include discovering,
    registering, and retrieving virtual machine .

    Key Features


    Infrastructure Deployed as Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud


    Automated hosting, configuration, deployment and administration of application stacks


    Optimal usage of resources; scale up or down as per demand

    Shopping Cart

    Users can select items and load them from predefined catalog. All done in a few clicks


    Access Virtual Machines anywhere, anytime through any device


    Enforce policies and quarantine non-compliant nodes/hosts

    Why Choose Us?

    Dr. Rajkumar Buyya
    Dr. Rajkumar Buyya

    "Cloud in a Box (PDcloudEx) offers ready to use standard infrastructure for empowering and educating next generation software engineers with skills in Cloud application programming using Aneka and conducting advance research in powering emerging BigData and Internet Of Things (IoT) applications.- "

    Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor and Director of Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems Laboratory at the University of Melbourne, Australia
    Mr. S. R. Poojara
    Mr. S. R. Poojara

    "Setting up and managing labs is a constant headache. After watching the demo of PDCloudEX, I am confident that it provides a way out of this mess. It is our one-stop-solution to manage all our Lab sessions and projects. Kudos to Prodevans Team for their innovation!"

    Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, RIT Rajaramnagar, India
    Abhijeet Roy
    Abhijeet Roy

    "Having been with Red Hat for over a decade, and having met numerous  Academics and Enterprise users, I can say with certainty  that most of them are eager to go with Red Hat or open Source technologies to minimise their investment.. We have been waiting for product just like PDCloudEX."

    "PDCloudEx is a game changer when it comes to minimising costs. What's more, it gives the students exposure to  cutting edge technologies - the need of the hour. Amazing technology. Amazing People"

    APAC Head - Training & Certification at Star Certification
    PV Aneesh
    PV Aneesh

    "Setting up the labs when there are frequent changes is cumbersome and time consuming. Delivering on ROI is almost impossible with the number of students fluctuating all the time. PDCloudEX gave us the flexibility without compromising on availability. Whether it is public or private cloud, the students now have a way of accessing the labs anywhere, anytime.  We scale up and down as needed. Thanks to PDCloudEX, we now manage our labs with minimal downtime, focussing our energies on  course offerings rather than worrying about Infrastructure"


    Manager, Global Learning Services, Red Hat INDIA

    We can take your business to the next level


    Our Cloud Offerings

    Using PDCloudEX provision Infrastructure within minutes. Through a shopping cart experience users can select what they need from a catalog and get started in a jiffy.

    link here

    Deploy applications as containers and scale up or down as the traffic dictates. Pay as you use. Through a single interface manage your entire infrastructure and billing.

    High-performance computing (HPC) workloads require massive scaling and cluster networking. PDCloudEX ‘s automation reduces setup and enables researchers to spend time on research itself.

    Storage as a Service (STaaS) is a cloud computing model in which subscribers can rent storage from cloud providers. The service is mainly used to solve storage issues and offsite backup challenges.

    The Brains Behind the Product


    Lead Implementation
    Prodevans Technologies

    Completely hands on, loves meddling with technology, Sohail was the Implementation lead of PDCloudEX


    Solution Designer
    Prodevans Technologies

    Worked with Customers to understand their point of view. Ajay designed the solution to make PDCloudEX resilient, scalable & secure

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    Iaas, PaaS, CMP, Micro Services, ML etc..

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