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To entire PDCloudex Team !

Just to quickly let you know that the data migration of transformation project we worked on turned out to be a successful one. Without each one of you, it might not have been possible. And I’d like to thank each one of you for the hard work and all the effort.

The significant rise in productivity from our team was massive, which has helped us achieve our targeted goals. I thank you all for being patient and focusing on the goal that mattered the most. The time and effort that you have put in are just amazing. Your work showed true dedication and determination. Without your support, the organization could not have gone that extra mile.

A team like you at the back, everything seems effortless. The team has always motivated me and pushed me to the limits so that the organization can see better days. Thank you so much for all the support that you all have provided through thick and thin.

I am glad that we made such a good team and took the company to another level!

A massive thank you to each one of you!

Snehal Kandalgaonkar

Metropolis India

Hi Debasis,
The support of the team has been good. Have not faced any issues in terms of coordinating with the team, support for adhoc requests or any other requirement. Team has always supported and worked as per expectations.

Pranav Pal

Metrolpolice India


Cloud in a Box (PDcloudEx) offers ready to use standard infrastructure for empowering and educating next generation software engineers with skills in Cloud application programming using Aneka and conducting advance research in powering emerging BigData and Internet Of Things (IoT) applications.

Dr. Rajkumar Buyya

Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor and Director of Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems Laboratory at the University of Melbourne, Australia


Setting up and managing labs is a constant headache. After watching the demo of PDCloudEX, I am confident that it provides a way out of this mess. It is our one-stop-solution to manage all our Lab sessions and projects. Kudos to Prodevans Team for their innovation!”

Mr. S. R. Poojara

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, RIT Rajaramnagar, India


Having been with Red Hat for over a decade, and having met numerous Academics and Enterprise users, I can say with certainty that most of them are eager to go with Red Hat or open Source technologies to minimise their investment.. We have been waiting for product just like PDCloudEX.

PDCloudEx is a game changer when it comes to minimising costs. What’s more, it gives the students exposure to cutting edge technologies – the need of the hour. Amazing technology. Amazing People.

Abhijeet Roy

APAC Head - Training & Certification at Star Certification

Setting up the labs when there are frequent changes is cumbersome and time consuming. Delivering on ROI is almost impossible with the number of students fluctuating all the time. PDCloudEX gave us the flexibility without compromising on availability. Whether it is public or private cloud, the students now have a way of accessing the labs anywhere, anytime. We scale up and down as needed. Thanks to PDCloudEX, we now manage our labs with minimal downtime, focussing our energies on course offerings rather than worrying about Infrastructure.

PV Aneesh

Manager, Global Learning Services, Red Hat INDIA

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