Getting started with AWS



Getting started with AWS

AWS has become one of the most widely used cloud computing platforms, powering millions of businesses and organizations worldwide. OurĀ  course on AWS will empower you with the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to leverage the core AWS services efficiently.

Course Outline

Roles and Users

Creation of Roles:

  • Guide to creating roles with specific permissions
  • Tailoring roles to meet requirements
  • Attaching roles to different AWS resources

Creation of Users:

  • Managing individual users with unique credentials
  • Granting access to AWS Management Console and services
  • Assigning custom access rights to users

Management of Roles and Users

  • Techniques to modify and update roles
  • Techniques to revoke access for roles
  • Ongoing process of managing roles and users as requirements change


EC2 Instance, S3, LAMBDA (and basic related services)

Launching an EC2 Instance:

  • Provisioning an EC2 instance in the cloud
  • Selecting the right instance type
  • Understanding security groups and key pairs

Working with S3:

  • Creating and managing S3 buckets
  • Setting permissions for S3 objects
  • Retrieving data from Amazon S3

Simple Lambda Use Case (UC)

  • Overview of AWS Lambda
  • Running code without managing servers
  • Demonstrating a simple Lambda use case

Assessment Project

  • Applying AWS skills to a practical scenario
  • Using various AWS services to solve real-world problems
  • Gaining hands-on experience and confidence in AWS usage.

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