Elasticsearch Data Modeling and Schema Design

The Elasticsearch service provided by PDCloudEx is a powerful and versatile solution for businesses and organizations seeking efficient and scalable full-text search capabilities. Built on the foundation of the Lucene library, this service offers a distributed and multitenant-capable search engine, accessible via a user-friendly HTTP web interface.
PDCloudEx’s Elasticsearch service provides a robust and versatile search engine that can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and organizations. Whether you’re looking to perform full-text searches, analyze log data, or build a real-time monitoring solution, Elasticsearch can be a valuable asset in your data infrastructure.

Elasticsearch Features

Easy to Scale (Distributed)

  • Elasticsearch allows you to start small, but scale horizontally out of the box. As you need more capacity, just add more nodes, and let the cluster reorganize itself to take advantage of the extra hardware.
  • One server can hold one or more parts of one or more indexes, and whenever new nodes are introduced to the cluster they are just being added to the party. Every such index, or part of it, is called a shard, and Elasticsearch shards can be moved around the cluster very easily.


  • Elasticsearch is API driven. Almost any action can be performed using a simple RESTful API using JSON over HTTP. An API already exists in the language of your choice.
  • Responses are always in JSON, which is both machine and human-readable.

Build on top of Apache Lucene

  • Apache Lucene stands as a high-performance and fully-featured Information Retrieval library crafted in Java. Elasticsearch, in its pursuit of state-of-the-art distributed search and analytics capabilities, harnesses the might of Lucene under its hood.
  • Leveraging Lucene as its foundation offers several advantages. Firstly, Lucene is renowned for its stability and proven track record. Secondly, it enjoys continuous enhancements, incorporating additional features and industry best practices over time. Thus, by choosing Lucene as the core engine behind Elasticsearch, we gain access to a robust, evolving technology that fuels Elasticsearch’s capabilities.

Excellent Query DSL

  • The REST API provides access to a robust and versatile query DSL that is user-friendly. Each query is represented as a JSON object, capable of accommodating a wide range of query types, including combinations of multiple queries.
  • Utilizing filtered queries, some of which are expressed as Lucene filters, can effectively take advantage of caching mechanisms, leading to improved performance for commonly used queries or those with reusable components.
  • Faceting, a frequently employed search feature, is seamlessly integrated into the search results upon request, making it readily available for your utilization.


  • Within a single Elasticsearch installation node or cluster, it’s possible to host multiple indexes. Each of these indexes can comprise multiple “types,” essentially functioning as distinct indexes within the same installation.
  • The advantage here lies in the ability to execute a single straightforward query that spans across various types and indexes. This capability broadens the range of possibilities significantly.

Support for Advanced Search Features

  • Elasticsearch harnesses the power of Lucene at its core, delivering unparalleled full-text search capabilities within the realm of open-source solutions.
  • This search engine boasts an array of features, including robust support for multiple languages, a versatile query language, geolocation capabilities, context-aware “did-you-mean” suggestions, autocomplete functionality, and the generation of informative search snippets.
  • Elasticsearch offers extensive script support within its filters and scorers, enhancing the flexibility and customization options available to users.

Configurable and Extensible

  • Many of Elasticsearch configurations can be changed while Elasticsearch is running, but some will require a restart (and in some cases reindexing). Most configurations can be changed using the REST API too.
  • Elasticsearch has several extension points – namely site plugins (let you serve static content from ES – like monitoring javascript apps), rivers (for feeding data into Elasticsearch), and plugins that let you add modules or components within Elasticsearch itself.
  • This allows you to switch almost every part of Elasticsearch if so you choose, fairly easily.
  • Easily create additional REST endpoints to your Elasticsearch cluster.

Document Oriented

  • Save intricate real-world objects within Elasticsearch as organized JSON documents.
  • By default, Elasticsearch indexes all fields, allowing you to utilize multiple indices in a single query, resulting in incredibly fast search results.

Per Operation Persistence

Elasticsearch puts your data safety first. Document changes are recorded in transaction logs on multiple nodes in the cluster to minimize the chance of any data loss.

Per Operation Persistence

Elasticsearch puts your data safety first. Document changes are recorded in transaction logs on multiple nodes in the cluster to minimize the chance of any data loss.

Schema Free

Elasticsearch allows you to get started easily. Toss it a JSON document and it will try to detect the data structure, index the data, and make it searchable. Later, apply your domain-specific knowledge of your data to customize how your data is indexed.

Conflict Management

Optimistic version control can be used where needed to ensure that data is never lost due to conflicting changes from multiple processes.

PDCloudEx Advantage for ElasticSearch

ElasticSearch Consulting and Architecture Design

PDCloudEx offers expert services for consulting on ElasticSearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK) stack. Our consulting services encompass the following:
  • Consulting for the Adoption of ElasticSearch, Logstash, and Kibana ELK Stack
  • Architecture Design and Hardware Sizing Recommendations
  • Solution Design Documentation to Facilitate Implementation
  • Technology Roadmap for ELK Stack Adoption within Your Organization

ElasticSearch ELK Implementation and Deployment by PDCloudEx

At PDCloudEx, we specialize in implementing ElasticSearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK Stack) solutions tailored to your business requirements. Our implementation services include the following:
  • Development and Design of ELK Solutions
  • Creation of Queries and Indexes in ElasticSearch
  • Performance Optimization of Queries and Indexes in ElasticSearch
  • Log Formatting, Parsing, and Log Archival in Logstash and ElasticSearch
  • Dashboard Design in Kibana for Visualization and Presentation
  • Rigorous Testing and Development Phase
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Sign-Off in consultation with the customer
  • Custom Reports and Charts Tailored to Customer Requirements

ElasticSearch and ELK Customization by PDCloudEx

PDCloudEx can customize your ElasticSearch ELK installation to seamlessly align with your unique business environment. Our customization services include:
  • Implementing New Workflows for Issue Escalation and Alerts
  • Crafting Custom Visualizations and Dashboards as per Customer Needs
  • Designing Bespoke Reports and Charts to Fulfill Customer Requirements
  • Integrating New Monitoring Scripts, Plug-ins, and Components as Needed

Third-Party Integration Services

PDCloudEx excels in integrating ElasticSearch ELK stack with various third-party tools to address diverse business use cases. Our expertise spans integration with:
  • Ticketing Systems such as IBM NetCool, BMC Remedy, Zendesk, and ((OTRS)) Community Edition
  • Monitoring Tools including OpenNMS, Zabbix, Prometheus, and Nagios
  • IT Automation Tools such as StackStorm, Ansible, and Jenkins
  • Visualization Tools like Grafana, Graphite, and Cacti

24x7 AMC Support Services

PDCloudEx offers 24×7 Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) support services to ensure the smooth operation and continuous optimization of your ElasticSearch and ELK stack implementations. Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you whenever you need it.

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