Grafana Implementation and Deployment

PDCloudEx offers GLPI as a comprehensive IT Asset Management, issue tracking, and service desk solution provided as a service. GLPI, an open-source software written in PHP, is seamlessly integrated into PDCloudEx’s platform. As a web-based application, it empowers companies to efficiently manage their information systems with ease.
By offering GLPI as a service, PDCloudEx enables organizations to harness the power of this versatile IT management tool without the hassles of self-hosting and maintenance. This service is designed to enhance efficiency, reduce operational overhead, and ultimately contribute to a more organized and productive IT environment.

GLPi Network Open Source ITSM

Open Source ITSM

  • Complete IT Service Management framework
  • Feature parity with other Expensive Enterprise ITSM Software
  • Open Source code availability

CMDB and Assets

  • Discovery of Assets Including Servers, Software, Network Devices, and Beyond
  • Comprehensive CMDB Capabilities, Classifications, CI Relationships, and Impact Analysis
  • Robust Asset Management, Software Asset Management (SAM), and License Management Functionality

Help Desk and Service Management

  • Comprehensive Service Management and Help Desk Solutions
  • Customizable Service Catalog with Flexible SLA Management
  • Self-Service Portal for Both Internal and External Users
  • Robust FAQ and Knowledge Base Functionality

Incident Management

  • Workflow for Managing Incidents
  • Seamless Integration with Incident Alerting Tools like PagerDuty, Twilio, and OpsGenie
  • Establishing Connections Between Incidents, CMDB, Problem, and Change Processes

Problem Management

  • Workflow Module for Problem Management
  • Integration with CMDB, Incidents, and Change Management
  • Database of Known Errors
  • Repository of Knowledge

Reporting and Analytics

  • Standard Reports and Dynamic Dashboards
  • Effortless Filtering and Exporting to CSV
  • Integration with BI and Analytics Tools like Cognos, Metabase, and JasperSoft.


  • Options for High Availability and Scalable Deployments are available.
  • You can deploy it in the Cloud or within Containers.
  • It offers integration with third-party tools through APIs


  • Management of User Access, Profiles, and Permissions
  • Authentication Options: Local AD, OAuth, Azure AD, and SSO
  • Database Encryption Capabilities
  • Comprehensive Audit Logs and Security Assessment Reports

PDCloudEx Advantages

GLPi Network Business Analysis

PDCloudEx offers comprehensive business analysis services for GLPi Network, including:
  • We collaborate with you to gather and document your project requirements for GLPi Network.
  • Our team conducts interviews with key stakeholders to ensure that we capture all necessary insights and perspectives.
  • We create a detailed Business Requirements Document (BRD) that serves as a foundation for your project.
  • After thorough review and alignment with your objectives, we secure BRD sign-off to proceed with further architecture design.
  • We provide you with high-level project timelines and cost estimates, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making throughout your GLPi Network project.

GLPi Network Solution Architecture Design

Drawing upon the prior business analysis, our consultants will craft a solution architecture tailored to GLPi Network, encompassing the following key elements:
  • Crafting a High-Level Solution Design Utilizing GLPi Network.
  • Evaluating and Recommending Other Open Source Products to Fulfill Specific Business Requirements (e.g., OCS Inventory, Chat Server, SMS service, project management tools, Reporting Engine).
  • Pinpointing Opportunities for Integration between GLPi Network and External Tools, including but not limited to Microsoft SCCM, Sharepoint, Chat Server, ERP systems, HR, and CRM tools.
  • Providing In-Depth Insights into Server Sizing and Hardware Configuration for Optimal Performance

GLPi Network Implementation Services

PDCloudEx offers a range of implementation and customization services tailored to GLPi Network Asset Management, including:
  • Standard Implementation
  • Installation and Configuration of Core GLPi Network
  • Template Design and Custom Field Integration
  • Workflow and Screen Customization within GLPi Network
  • Branding and Logo Personalization within Relevant GLPi Network Screens
  • Integration of Plugins and Open Source Community Add-Ons
  • Full Module Development Services

GLPi Network Migration Services

PDCloudEx offers migration services tailored to customers currently utilizing GLPi Network. These services encompass:
  • Applying minor patches to GLPi Network.
  • Facilitating major upgrades to transition from older versions to the latest release.
  • Relocating GLPi Network’s hardware infrastructure from on-premise to the cloud.
  • Supporting the migration of GLPi Network hardware between different cloud environments.

Third-Party IntegrationGLPi Network in the Cloud

PDCloudEx Network can be deployed in public clouds such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. PDCloudEx offers comprehensive support for setting up GLPi Network on these cloud platforms. Furthermore, PDCloudEx is equipped to assist customers in provisioning GLPi Network in private clouds hosted within data centers across the globe.

24x7 GLPi Network Support Services

PDCloudEx offers 24×7 support services to accommodate various time zones globally. With 24×7 support, customers can expect consistent response and resolution times in accordance with predefined service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Round-the-clock Support
  • Rapid Response Times, often as fast as 30 minutes, tailored to your SLA requirements
  • Resolution Times aligned with your specific SLA commitments

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