Monitoring Excellence with Nagios Services by PDCloudEx

In today’s digital landscape, ensuring the continuous and efficient operation of your IT infrastructure is paramount. PDCloudEx recognizes this necessity, and their Nagios services have emerged as a robust solution for proactive monitoring and management.

Grafana Features

Nagios XI Overview

  • Enterprise-Grade Monitoring Tool
  • Open Source Software
  • Active Developer Community
  • Growing Eco-System of Partners

Feature Set

  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Performance Graphing
  • Per-User Customization
  • Configuration Wizards
  • Advanced Configuration GUI
  • Auto-Discovery
  • Visualizations
  • Enhanced Reports

Third-Party Integration

Nagios provides backend APIs for 3rd party integration
–Ticketing Systems (OTRS, RT, Unicenter)

–Reporting Tools (Cacti, Ganglia)

–Log Management Tools (Splunk)

Extensible Architecture

  • Plug-Ins and Add ons
  • Script-Based Backend (Perl, C, etc)
  • Hence additional modules can be integrated into Nagios 

Nagios Exchange

  • Nagios is Open Source
  • Developer Community around Nagios
  • Release code on Nagios Exchange
  • Most Plug-In modules are free, some are licensed

PDCloudEx Advantages

Nagios IT Infrastructure Monitoring

PDCloudEx offers complete IT infrastructure monitoring based on Nagios XI and other Nagios suite of products. Our team offers consulting, implementation, 24×7 support services for Nagios XI, and other related Nagios products.

Infrastructure Monitoring with Nagios XI 5

Nagios is the industry standard across the world for IT infrastructure Monitoring. Based on Open Source technology, Nagios offers monitoring for the complete infrastructure including servers, network devices, applications, and services.

Nagios Consulting Services

PDCloudEx offers consulting services for Nagios product implementation. We provide guidance around overall monitoring solution framework, architecture design, hardware sizing guidelines, and choice of Nagios products to fit your business needs.

Nagios Implementation and Customization Services

PDCloudEx also provides implementation and customization services for Nagios products. Our team has deep expertise in deploying and managing Nagios based monitoring solutions for small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises.

24x7 Support for Nagios

PDCloudEx offers 24×7 anytime, anywhere support for Nagios product implementations. Our team of experts can support your Nagios based monitoring solution on an annual maintenance contract (AMC) basis.

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