Network Visibility Redefined: Ntop Services by PDCloudEx

In the digital age, understanding network traffic is crucial for maintaining the performance, security, and efficiency of computer networks. PDCloudEx recognizes this need and offers comprehensive Ntop services that provide deep insights into network usage and behavior, akin to how the ‘top’ program showcases system processes. Here’s a general overview of what Ntop services by PDCloudEx entail:

ntop Features

ntop Goals

  • Fit end-user needs (no programming required).
  • Easy to use and customize.
  • Standard Interface (Web, SNMP).
  • Open and Portable.
  • Good performance and minimal resource requirements.

Traffic Characterization and monitoring

  • Network Flows
  • Protocol utilisation (#req, peaks/storms, positive/negative repl.) and distribution.
  • Network Traffic Matrix.
  • ARP, ICMP Monitoring.

Network Optimization and Planning

  • Passive network mapping/inventory: Identification of Routers and Internet Servers (DNS, Proxy).
  • Traffic Distribution (Local vs. Remote).
  • Service Mapping: service usage (DNS, Routing).

nProbe: Main Features

  • Ability to keep up with Gbit speeds on Ethernet networks handling thousand of packets per second without packet sampling on commodity hardware.
  • Support of NetFlow v5.
  • Support for the major OS including Unix, Windows, and macOS X.
  • Resource (both CPU and memory) savvy, efficient, designed for environments with limited resources.
  • Source code available under GNU GPL.

PDCloudEx Advantages

ntop Consulting Services

PDCloudEx provides professional services for Consulting with ntop product which includes the following:
  • Consulting for the adoption of ntop as a solution for network traffic analysis
  • In-Depth Analysis of your monitoring requirements and scope study
  • Architecture Design including hardware sizing and scalability considerations
  • Solution Design Document that can be handed over to engineers for implementation

ntop Implementation and Deployment

PDCloudEx implements ntop based Network Traffic Analysis and monitoring solutions keeping in mind the business requirements. Implementation includes the following:
  • ntop Software installation and setup
  • Configuration and Deployment of default features
  • Additional plugins as needed for customer
  • Design and Development of additional scripts as needed
  • UAT and Test sign off from customer
  • Production Go Live
  • Training to operators and administrators managing ntop installation
  • Documentation for future reference

ntop Customization

PDCloudEx can customize your ntop installation so that it is a better fit for your business environment.
  • Writing new scripts for non-standard Network Analysis and Monitoring use cases
  • Creating new visualizations and dashboards as per customer needs
  • Creating custom reports and charts as per customer needs
  • Adding new plug-ins and components if needed

Third-Party Integration

PDCloudEx can integrate ntop with other third-party tools to meet several business use cases.
  • Ticketing systems such as IBM NetCool, BMC Remedy, Zendesk, and ((OTRS)) Community Edition
  • Network Management and Orchestrator tools such as HP NNM and Spiceworks
  • Other Monitoring tools such as Zabbix, Nagios, Prometheus and OpenNMS
  • IT Automation Tools such as Ansible, Jenkins, and StackStorm
  • Visualization Tools such as Grafana, Graphite, and Cacti

24x7 AMC Support Services

PDCloudEx offers 24×7 support services on an AMC or per hour basis for new or existing installations on ntop. Our team of experts are available round the clock and respond to you within a predefined SLA.

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