Enhancing Document Management with OpenKM Services by PDCloudEx

In the era of digital transformation, efficient document management is crucial for organizations seeking to optimize workflows, improve collaboration, and ensure compliance. PDCloudEx recognizes this need and offers OpenKM services as a comprehensive solution to address these challenges.

OepnKM Features

Document Management System

  • OpenKM offers comprehensive document management services including document repository, versioning control on documents, and support for multiple file formats such as text, audio, and video files.
  • These documents can be integrated with internal approval workflows and business processes.
  • The DMS provides full-fledged access controls and audit controls that enable secure access to documents.

Collaboration Framework

  • OpenKM provides a complete framework for collaboration with your employees, customers, and partners.
  • You can create files and related documents and share them with stakeholders of the project.
  • The collaboration framework also allows for notifications, comments, and RSS-like feeds on project-related activities.

Records Management

  • With OpenKM you get robust records management functionality with a centralized records repository.
  • You can now file records online, track changes to records, manage records using dynamic file plan rules, control changes allowed on records, and maintain an audit trail on your records.

Workflows and Business Process Management

  • OpenKM supports complete document-centric workflows and business process automation.
  • You can create complete workflows and send documentation for approvals with all stakeholders as per your company operations.

On-Premise vs Cloud Deployment

  • The OpenKM solution can be deployed on-premise on your private network or deployed in the cloud.
  • Deploying in the cloud provides anytime anywhere access to your employees and partners.

Flexibility and Customization

  • OpenKM is very flexible that can be customized as per specific business requirements.
  • OpenKM also supports various third-party integrations including Amazon Web Services, Google Docs, SalesForce, Microsoft Office, and SAP.

PDCloudEx Advantages

Official Partner for OpenKM

PDCloudEx Altnix is an official partner for OpenKM. With this partnership, we guarantee quality of professional services from our company.

OpenKM Document Management Software

OpenKM is used by organizations across the world for document management, collaboration, revision control, workflow processes, and records management. PDCloudEx provides expertise in Consulting, Implementation, Customization, and AMC support for OpenKM software. PDCloudEx is an Official partner for OpenKM.

OpenKM Consulting Services from PDCloudEx

PDCloudEx offers consulting services for OpenKM based enterprise content management. We provide high-level business analysis and consulting around technology choices as well as business processes for your organization.

OpenKM Implementation and Customization Services

PDCloudEx can implement OpenKM based ECM for different organizations. PDCloudEx also provides customization services and integration with third-party tools and products as per your business requirements.

OpenKM Enterprise Subscription Phase

If you are interested in purchasing OpenKM Enterprise Edition licenses and support subscription please contact us.

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