Transforming Service Management with OTRS

PDCloudEx offers an exceptional OTRS service, harnessing the power of this comprehensive service management solution. OTRS, renowned for its versatile features such as a ticket system, process automation, configuration management database, and more, becomes even more effective when hosted and managed by PDCloudEx.
By choosing PDCloudEx’s OTRS service, you enable your company to provide better services by optimizing customer communication, automating processes, and centralizing data management. It’s a comprehensive solution that supports your business in delivering top-notch service experiences.

OTRS Features

Incident Management and Problem Management

  • Utilizing ((OTRS)) Community Edition ITSM, your IT support team can effectively address daily incidents in a tactical manner or delve into resolving underlying problems with a long-term strategic approach.
  • With its robust incident management backend, ((OTRS)) Community Edition is ideally suited for addressing a wide range of common use cases related to incident and problem management.

Process Management and Workflows

  • Within ((OTRS)) Community Edition, you can create customer-centric processes and workflows incorporating decision points, approval stages, and task definitions.
  • These process workflows seamlessly integrate with the ticketing backend, enabling you to monitor the progress of each step within a workflow until it reaches completion.

CMDB and Asset Management

  • Effectively manage all your IT infrastructure assets, including both hardware and software, by utilizing the CMDB CI classes.
  • When necessary, you have the flexibility to establish new types of CI Classes and tailor them to your specific requirements. Furthermore, you can establish connections between CMDB items and define their interdependencies.
  • Additionally, the CMDB preserves a comprehensive record of all modifications made to individual Configuration Items, ensuring a detailed history is maintained.

Change Management

  • Changes and Service transitions in your IT infrastructure can be handled inside ((OTRS)) Community Edition ITSM.
  • You can define a Change Request template, identify stakeholders in the form of a Change Advisory Board (CAB), create work orders with timelines, and track the progress of the Changes till completion.

PDCloudEx Advantages

Consulting and Architecture Design Services for ((OTRS)) Community Edition ITSM

PDCloudEx specializes in ((OTRS)) Community Edition ITSM consulting services, providing expert guidance for architectural design and implementation details. Whether you require assistance in shaping the overall architecture or need support in fine-tuning low-level implementation aspects, we are here to help you establish a robust ticketing system.

((OTRS)) Community Edition ITSM Implementation and Tailoring

PDCloudEx extends its services to encompass ((OTRS)) Community Edition ITSM implementation and customization. Our experienced team excels in deploying and customizing ((OTRS)) Community Edition ITSM to meet the unique needs of small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises.

Round-the-Clock Support for ((OTRS)) Community Edition ITSM

PDCloudEx offers 24×7 support for ((OTRS)) Community Edition ITSM, ensuring you have access to expert assistance anytime, anywhere. Our team is available to support your ((OTRS)) Community Edition ITSM through annual maintenance contracts (AMCs), providing you with continuous peace of mind.

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