Efficient Linux Systems Management with Spacewalk

PDCloudEx offers an exceptional Spacewalk service, leveraging open-source software to streamline and automate Linux systems management. Our Spacewalk service empowers you to oversee the complete lifecycle of your system software, from initial deployment to ongoing maintenance, software configuration, upgrades, and eventual decommissioning.
PDCloudEx’s Spacewalk service provides the tools and support needed to effectively manage your Linux systems, all within a managed and secure environment. It’s the ideal solution for businesses seeking to optimize their Linux system management processes.

Spacewalk Features

Basic Features

  • Tracking Linux Server Inventory and Patch Status
  • Automating Patching for Custom Server Groups
  • Streamlining Server Security Status Assessment
  • Identifying Servers Requiring Reboots for Security Updates
  • Scheduling Server Events: RPM Installs, Updates, Reboots
  • Monitoring Event Status for Servers: Pending, Failed, Completed

Secondary Benefits

  • Monitoring Changes in Vital Plant Files with Versioning Support
  • Execution of Custom Commands/Scripts on Server Groups, Scheduled or Instant
  • Tailored Channels for RPM Management and Deployment
  • Real-time Monitoring of Server Health Metrics
  • Effortless Server Provisioning with Precise Channel Subscriptions and Base Configuration Profiles

Spacewalk Consulting

Spacewalk Consulting

PDCloudEx offers Professional Services and Consulting for Spacewalk, encompassing the following:
  • Expert Guidance for Spacewalk Adoption within Your Organization
  • Thorough Analysis of Your Requirements and Comprehensive Scope Study
  • Architectural Design and Hardware Sizing Recommendations
  • Creation of a Solution Design Document, ready for implementation by your engineering team.

Spacewalk Implementation and Deployment

PDCloudEx expertly deploys Spacewalk-based patch management solutions tailored to meet specific business needs. This implementation encompasses the following key components:
  • Spacewalk Installation and Configuration
  • Comprehensive Component Setup
  • Package Registration and Discovery
  • Establishing Auditing Baselines for Patch Management
  • Incorporating Systems into the Inventory
  • Installation of Spacewalk Clients on Target Systems
  • Rigorous Testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in consultation with the customer
  • Generation of Customized Reports to Meet Customer Specifications
  • Operator and Administrator Training for Spacewalk Management
  • Documentation for Future Reference and Maintenance

Spacewalk Customization

PDCloudEx can tailor your Spacewalk installation to seamlessly align with your unique business requirements. This customization includes:
  • Incorporating non-standard targets for patch management.
  • Crafting customized visualizations and dashboards to meet specific customer demands.
  • Developing bespoke scripts, plugins, and components when necessary to enhance patch management capabilities.

Third Party Integration

PDCloudEx has the capability to seamlessly integrate Spacewalk with a range of third-party tools, catering to diverse business requirements. These integrations can include:
  • Ticketing Systems, including IBM NetCool, BMC Remedy, Zendesk, and ((OTRS)) Community Edition.
  • Network Management and Orchestrator Tools like HP NNM and Spiceworks.
  • Remote Management and Monitoring Tools, such as N-Able and ManageEngine.
  • IT Automation Tools like Jenkins, StackStorm, and Jenkins.
  • Visualization Tools such as Grafana, Graphite, and Cacti.

24x7 AMC Support Services

PDCloudEx offer 24×7 support services on an AMC or per hour basis for new or existing installations on Spacewalk. Our team of experts are available round the clock and respond to you within a predefined SLA.

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